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Community Currencies An all-embracing and flexible package which includes a mutual credit ledger, super-configurable transaction forms and displays, including several views and blocks. It can be used as a digital back-end for paper money projects, or to run an entire LETS, Timebank, or several in parallel. With a little tweaking, it can manage currencies conforming to a wide range of designs. Autopayments are possible and periodic payments require a little glue code.

from Nigeria News

Nigeria Naira Rose To 371 Per Dollar

The pressure on the Nigeria naira rose sharply on Wednesday with the local currency falling to a new low of 371 against the United States dollar at the parallel market. It had closed at 361 per dollar on Tuesday.

Sloping Shoulder money Pointed shoulder spades: This type of spade has pointed shoulders and feet, and a long hollow handle. There are three parallel lines on the obverse and reverse, and occasionally inscriptions. They are found in N.E. Henan and in Shanxi, territory of the Duchy of Jin, later to become Zhao. They are held to be somewhat later in date than the square shouldered spades. Their shape seems to be designed for ease of tying together in bundles, rather than developed from any…

Up Again: Naira now N224 to a dollar -