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うちの水ようかん #recipe

Japanese sweets, Mizu-yokan jelly and matcha green tea 水羊羹と抹茶

NERIKIRI — Nerikiri is a kind of wagashi (Japanese traditional cake). I found and got a wagashi recipe book for homemade. This is my first challenge. I added my idea to a recipe and made Nerikiri with the pumpkin/matcha/black sesame. Ingredients: white bean paste, shiratama flour, sugar, pumpkin paste, matcha powder, black sesame {recipe not included}

"Sweet potato YO-KAN" *いもようかん*/いもようかん

Matcha Tea and Pear Petals by Gem Salsberg, via Flickr ..."This tea is made with awareness and appreciation and also respect for the verdant history that each sip is flavored with. I have found no more delicious a tea than matcha. And to share the moment as well as the tea... makes it all the more delicious."

Japanese matcha manju. Color. and flavor. Never tried this but it looks scrumptious. I love what the Japanese do with desserts, the textures, the subtle flavors.

Mochi Chocolates 50g shiratamako, Japanese glutinous rice flour 100g sugar(I used guarani sugar) 100ml water 10g/2 tablespoons mizuame or rice syrup Matcha and cocoa powder powder, for sprinkling Katakuriko/potato starch, for dusting Vegan Chocolate Ganache 100g dark chocolate in high quality(I used “Lindt” chocolate) 50ml soymilk 2-3 tablespoons soy creamer(Provamel) 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Ujikintoki Kakigori - Japanese Shaved Ice with Green Tea Syrup and Anko recipe

Mt. Fuji Yokan, sweet bean jelly | Shizuoka, Japan 富士山ようかん