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A helpful representation of the multiple intelligences

POSTER: Multiple Intelligences in Comics Ed

A helpful representation of the multiple intelligences for all us visual-spatial learners. Seriously, this helps me as the Multiple Intelligences are always presented in WORDSand words can be hard to comprehend for everyone but the Linguistic learner.

Looking for engaging word work ideas for your classroom that are differentiated to meet the needs of all your learners? The resources and ideas in this blog post are easy to set up and will work with ANY word list all year long!

How to Differentiate Word Work and Engage Your Students

UPDATE: These Word Work centers have been completely updated with new clip art & images, fonts, centers AND a completely editable PowerPoint.

Write the Room ***differentiated*** engaging literacy activity! Your students will LOVE reading and writing the room!

Write the Room~ Differentiated Sentences!

Write the Room ***differentiated*** engaging literacy activity! Who doesn't like to grab a clip board and go on a hunt around the classroom for cute picture cards with sentences that he or she can read?


Gifted, bright, smart, talented are different things. You can have a talented failure or a gifted student who makes Cs or a bright child who's a little loosey-goosey but works hard and gets the As that the smart kid won't earn.

Dreams don't work unless you do

Looking to add custom posters to your classroom? Just pick a template, type in a quote, and you're done! Thinking this would work good for our new 4 school wide rules! Create a poster and print at CopyMax.

LaSota's Little Learners: Multiple Intelligences and MEGA GIVEAWAY reminder! :)

Parent Handout, Links to a great lesson idea for little learners on Multiple Intelligences

That's amazing. At first I thought I was left brain dominant, but then I went over it again, and I'm pretty sure that I'm right brain dominant now

Psychology infographic and charts Left Brain vs. Right Brain (Infographic) Infographic Description Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why

Free Set of Multiple Intelligence Posters for younger students.  Set of 9 posters!

Free Set of Multiple Intelligence Posters for younger students. Set of 9 posters! Fun posters to hang up in my classroom or even to make a book of and share with my students.

Right Brain Intuición, totalidad, detalle, visión espacial, música, emociones, reconocimiento, sensaciones olfativas

Right Brain/Left Brain Thinking

This Is How Your Memory Works. Follow all our boards at for our latest therapy pins

INFOGRAPHIC: This Is How Your Memory Works

How Memory Works - a very helpful infographic - definitely gives you some ideas on how to tweak your study plan given how the brain works

Events in instruction - Objectives

Events In Instruction- Event #2

The How to Present the Learning Objectives Infographic refers to Gagné’s event of instruction and presents ways teachers can inform their learners about the learning objectives

Gagne's 9 Events in Instruction

Clickable Gagne’

9 Events in Instruction. I love infographics! Gagne's 9 events of instruction is something I constantly reference while designing instruction.