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Some Gold appears in the minature sluice box. The minature sluice boxes were designed by Ray Lizotte and I think he still makes them for a price.

All the concentrate from the large sluice box goes through the smaller sluice box designed by my uncle Ray.

This dredge moved up Clear Creek the year after we left and it does not miss much. Floating on a self maid pond being pulled back and forth across the valley with huge cables. This unit had several sluice boxes inside and a hydraulic boulder pusher, to get ride of large rocks several hundred pounds in weight.

We loaded this huge sluice box with a D9 Cat and took out over 1000 oZ of gold in a very short season. below the sluice box is a settling pond. If we let too much silt into the main stream the Government environmentallists would shut us down. We were as eco friendly as possible because one drop of spilt oil would cost a fortune. The oil from your fingers is enough to make fine gold float away. Never put your fingers in a gold pan.

The hard won payoff from tons of rock ore include these larger nuggets typically extracted early in the process by the sluice boxes. Most of the nuggets found in this part of Alaska have been flattened by the shearing action of the glaciers that once covered the region.

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