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23. Citrino



Carved Ametrine (Amethyst and Citrine that has grown in the same crystal)

Cuarzo Citrino

I wear a Kunzite crystal on my neck everyday! It is to bring unconditional love & support! It's a very strong stone.

agate arrowhead


Queensland Boulder Opal Solid - Opals-On-Black.com ❦ CHRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦

10. Piedra de luna o feldespato


Moctezuma Agate / Mexico

Hells Canyon Petrified Wood Cabochon...BREATHTAKING...looks like someone or something has drawn all over it!:)) Thank You Lord for all the beauty and diversity of Your Creation...:))

Fire Opal

Rutile crystals on Hematite...

Crystal Blue Persuasion

8. Lapislázuli

Amethyst 4

blue cap tourmaline - minas gerais, brazil

Uncut diamonds