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About Me: Anastasia, 19 years old, Russia Sources are avaliable through a click-through links I post mostly editorials and pictures of fashion shows I like. My favourite photographers are: Chadwick Tyler, Craig Mcdean, Helmut...

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Black and White Photography by Tom Hoops


Multiple Exposure Wedding Photos — Thoughts?

Within her eyes, there was fear, but that look came and passed as quickly as the strike of lightning within her soul. Low, dark laughter rumbled like the thunder. Rylee was no more, and just as they all feared, the nameless one had emerged.

In the darkness of that vacant place. The place where breathing objects seemed planets away. We sat on a stone quite arbitrary. This stone surfaced the murky waters; it stained our shoes. The angry sky breathed gray damnation. Maybe he was smoking a nostalgic cigar. You and I were the only living mortals, warped in his chilling sensations. The mountains were like blue hound dogs, sniffing for blood, inhabited by ticks. Ravaging, the dam hid forbidden creatures.