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History for a strong and weathered foundation. Sunlight and Gothic arches for hope filtered through nostalgia. A coat of plaster for a fresh canvas. A sprinkle of mold for brushes with nature. And room for huge, gaping potential and possibility.

"Built between 1898 and 1930 as a sanatorium for lung diseases, Beelitz-Heilstätten was one of the largest hospitals in and around Berlin. It served as a field hospital in the two world wars and was later the Soviets' major military hospital in East Germany. Abandoned in 1994 with the Russian withdrawal, most buildings have slowly fallen into ruins since. What a shame." - photo by Ole Begemann

Sad. I <3 these windows <<< With this look and that first word, I'm afraid a weeping angel is around the corner.

25 Beautiful Doors and Entryways from Around the World

Is it sad that this inspires me to travel?! Maybe but ah well, they're still cool!

white-ceremony-decor - Once Wed

Those this images beauty might be a lot because of the building that is photographed. I think the perspective allows some depth and the lighting emphasizes the buildings beauty.