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How to Grow Orchids Indoors

How to Care for Orchids at Home I have always seen these, and wanted one for my home, but with the price, I wasn't sure, bc I didn't know how to care for them. Now, with this, I just might purchase one :) brides have spoken and if there is a silk flower favorite it is definetly the submerged orchid centerpiece. You can create this look in just a few simple steps, and with silk wedding flowers this is a project you can complete long

Striped Phalaenopsis orchid terrarium

Top 10 Crazy Looking Flowers That will Surprise You

Top 10 Crazy Looking Flowers That will Surprise You Pouted Online Magazine Latest Design Trends Creative Decorating Ideas Stylish Interior Designs Gift Ideas

How Many Orchids is Too Many for One Planter?

The more orchids the merrier! Learn how to keep several orchids in one planter without jeopardizing their health.