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i'm not the girliest of girls, but i love, love love light pinks, blushes, champagnes...whatever you want to call them. my wardrobe is stock-full and i'm proud of it!

This passage way made with the same shipping pallets could be perceived as a dual natured pallet wood creation. This is a decorative measure, and also a protective measure as well as it would prevent us from some tiny harmful worms and bugs that might cause irritation and inflammation. And the wooden planter is even better than that.

This color combination will appeal to the fans of pastel tones. This palette should be applied in decoration of a bedroom, as well as will do for girls wit.


Secret Tricks to Making Any DIY Craft Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at #DIYWOODCRAFTS

Delicate shades of pearl simply created that would create a romantic, gentle, full of serenity and comfort, interior. This palette is perfect for bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

winter color palette,Quiet, well-balanced color palette. Such a peace, expressed in paints, enjoy calm, dispassionate nature. Due to the very light colors is not gloom and the apparent monotony of the composition. Adherents of classical elegance in the cloakroom will appreciate this range - you can always look at height. The design of the house is suitable for simple yet refined interior, such as the bedroom.