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Book It!  I always made sure that I had my 5 stars so that I could get my Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut!

Book It!read books, get free pizza!my little elementary school boyfriend's mom would take us to get our free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut and then she'd take us to see a movie!

i remember these

Melody Push Chime The Facts of Life! tv show of the Toy Character Stamps, omg I so remember these!

Is this more my childhood, or Kiki and ya's since the 90s came to Nebraska a bit later on?

Kissing coolers were the best! Loved everything on here! Didn't much care for the orbitz drink though

Woah. I loved French Toast Crunch. I haven't thought about it in years though...

8 Tasty Treats That Didn't Survive The Test Of Time. - you can still find rice Krispy treats on occasion- crazy to remember all these things! I thought they still made rice Krispie treat cereal? Like I thought it came out every once in awhile

Collected Garbage Pail Kids...goodness knows why.  Some of those cards were disgusting lol

Garbage Pal kids, i used to collect the cards lol

Bubblicious Gum ... now wasn't that fun!

Bubblicious: Watermelon Wave and Paradise Punch were the best! They were banned from long car rides due to obnoxious smell!

The Pudding Pops from the 80's tasted much better than the ones they sell now

JELL-O Pudding Pops. I loved these things. Too bad they quit selling them. Bill Cosby doing the commercials was great.

1980s 1990s Elementary School Book Club Flyers. Scholastic, Troll, Weekly Reader

Troll School Book Club order form brings back memories! I remember when I had enough money saved from chores.I could buy books, maybe score a free poster, and felt like I was something spectacular :) lol.

80's Barbies - I still have my Peaches & Cream from 1985!  I also had the Crystal Barbie....the memories!

I remember my sister had the Peaches & Cream Barbie on the left and the one in the white/red Heart dress!

Pogo Ball - I totally fell off one of these when I was younger and had a nasty scar on my face. It was the best of times.

I miss my pogo ball. Probably my favorite toy. I spent hours on this thing (seriously) while listening to music. My sister had the Barney one (purple/green). We had contests all the time.