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Astrophotographer Jon Secord sent in a photo of the Milky Way taken in Zion National Park on May 19, 2015.

Milky Way Along the River ~ Viewed along the Chilliwack River (Canada) during a camping trip. Lights from a city within a sufficient proximity gave the stunning pink glow highlights. Photographer: James Wheeler/Flickr

Cheakamus River and Milky Way Another moonless night where I had to light things with a flashlight. Also, this is a 30 second exposure from a swinging bridge (which was swinging.)

Ama no gawa (the Milky way) - This wagashi celebrates Tanabata, the Stars Festival. The lovers Orihime (Vega) et Hiko-boshi (Altair), separated all year long by the heavenly river, are finally reunited on the 7th night of the 7th month. Prepare your wishes! This wagashi depicts an evening sky dotted with tiny stars (sesame seeds), crossed by the milky river of light. [personnal translation]

Aurora borealis, Norway " . . . i can still see the scene unfold if i close my eyes... A magical evening watching natures finest lightshow by a frozen river." ~ Arild Heitmann

A map of the Milky Way, showing pulsars (red), planetary nebulae (blue), globular clusters (yellow), and the orbits of several stars.