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Emerald Starling, .

Rare and Beautiful female albino Cardinal (Americas) I have to find this bird what do YOU think about these lovely red berries? Pretty tasty, eh?

Brazilian tanager

Pretty bird.. Pretty bird

What a great face.

my feet are cold...

Tats and guages I've seriously posted him (Stephen James) like a billion times

Beauty and the Beast wedding favors : wedding beauty and the beast wedding wedding favors Red Rose Flower Glass Vial Necklace F25240 - great links here for future use!


Gorgeous capture of Liska the tiger drinking

bengal beauty. This cat has been on my wish list for years ♥ here to find out more

A round blue aquamarine makes this Sapphire Hudson Ring in white gold sensational.

Gorgeous ~ Look at those eyes


Snow Leopard on the Prowl

I love this, the snow and tigers seem alien together, but it's a completely brilliant thing.

This makes my heart stop. Breathtaking. Would paint with the eyes as butterfly wings...


Vatche Aurora Diamond Engagement Ring with 1.003ct A CUT ABOVE Princess

Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures

^White Tiger mother and cub cuddling

Normally you see these well endowed women with perfect skin & flawless make up sporting ink, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! A normal woman wearing her ink in a natural way, Love it!