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Yellow Baby Duck Plush Lovey 10" Dangle Legs Sewn Eye Hallmark Green Ribbon Bow #Hallmark

A Treasure Chest Full of Coins I kept under my bed! A pirate got them for me (he was on the same ship as Captain Hook from Peter Pan).

If Captain Jack Sparrow parked his ship on the mysterious island of Los Angeles, he would shop for his jewelry at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist. This is a unique retail and interactive jewelry making parlor for the young and young at heart. Explore treasure chests, vintage luggage and crates in search of fun, rare finds to ultimately create a one of a kind jewelry masterpiece on the spot. Visit

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character Are You

I will treasure the peices then. And sorry i freaked out and clammed up, probly wont be the last time that happens though

skeleton of a captured pirate (Canada) from the Oak Island Money Pit off the SE coast of Nova Scotia, it is said it might be Captain Kidd's or Blackbeards treasure