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Florence 'Cokey' Newman's mug shot from October 10, 1934. She testified against Lucky Luciano; false testimony that help convict Luciano of Prostitution.

James Burke AKA "Jimmy the Gent" & "The Irishman" was an American gangster & Lucchese crime family associate who is believed to have organized the Lufthansa heist in 1978 & also believed to have orchestrated the murder of (or murdered) many of those involved in the months following. Burke inspired the character "Jimmy Conway", in the 1990 movie Goodfellas. He died of lung cancer in prison in 1996 while serving 20 years to life for murder in a NY State prison.

Jack Ignatius Dragna (Apr 18, 1891 – Feb 23, 1956) American Mafia member & Black Hander who was active in both Italy & United States in 20th century. He was active in bootlegging in California during Prohibition Era in United States. In 1931, he succeeded Joseph Ardizzone as Boss of Los Angeles crime family after Ardizzone mysterious disappearance & death in 1931. Dubbed "Capone of Los Angeles", he remained boss of LA crime family from 1931 until his death in 1956.

Bugsy Seigel: Credited with the idea to make Las Vegas into the Gambling and tourism hot spot that it is today. He moved to Los Angeles in the 40's to watch over the Mafia's deals out west. He tried out to be an actor, taking a few screen tests, however nothing ever came of it. Bugsy Siegel worked for Lucky Luciano. His greatest achievement was the creation of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

Police mugshots in the 1920s…

Look at these mugshots from the 20's... Had you been born just slightly earlier, you might have defended them in court...

Frank "Blue Eyes" Sinatra poses for a mug shot after being arrested and charged with "carrying on with a married woman" in Bergen County, New Jersey in Photo by Michael Ochs Archives. I believe this poster hung in the Bada Bing office in 'The Sopranos'?

Former ‘Goodfellas’ Gangster Henry Hill Dies in LA Henry Hill, the famed mobster turned FBI informant whose life story was documented in the book “Wiseguy”– upon which Martin Scorsese’s 1990 gangster epic ‘Goodfellas’ was based — has died at the age of 69. “I shot at people. I busted a lot of heads, and I buried a lot of bodies,” Hill said in 2010. “You can try to justify it by saying they deserved it, that they had it coming, but some just got whacked for absolutely no reason at all.”

Eerily Beautiful Mug Shots From 1920s Australia

Walter Smith is listed in the New South Wales Police Gazette in 1924 as "charged with breaking and entering the dwelling house of Edward Mulligan and stealing blinds," ... and with "stealing clothing in the dwelling house of Ernest Leslie Mortimer."