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@Jacklyn Salvini i typed in kissing ball for ideas for myself, and this came up, sooo i think it's a sign that you should give away kittins for favors.

I have to admire Lisa Loeb for having a professional photo of her with her gigantically fat cat.

I just cried my eyes out. Literally. I was hanging out playing video games and I had to leave the room. THIS is why I love animals so much, and have a tattoo on my foot that says "Always faithful, Always loved" I also cried. Beautiful, I will greet beasts in Heaven this way!

Funny Animal Pictures – 60 Pics Margaret Martinez Martinez Martinez Booth Carolyn Rafaelian Rafaelian Levine Hardin

True story, though I've never actually puked. Crystal Tousignant i could see pippa doing this!

Made me laugh and, as always, Maru is wearing his dedpan expression while he is curled up in a box :)

Heheheh...I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too.

Le chat domestique et son caractère - The domestic cat and his temper

xD someone on Pinterest did this and they liked one of my pins but it failed cause someone else had liked it too so it just said omgsomeoneactually and blah blah blah liked your pin. Epic fail