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Fun Bible Games for Youth

Games are an effective way to have fun and learn at the same time. Playing Bible games at Church or in religious education classes can settle a rambunctious group of kids and get them focused on their lessons. You can also use games to test Bible knowledge and award prizes to the winners.

Glow Stick Capture The Flag

This is a favorite in our youth group. We might play it 4 times a year. Supplies: 1. Glowsticks (two per player, one for each wrist). One color per team. 2. 2 Larger glowsticks (or many connected to form a giant ring) This will be a flag. How to Play: Its capture the flag but it's done in the dark and with glow sticks. Divide students up onto two teams, and give each player two glow sticks for their wrists. Make sure you stick with one color glow stick per team. Players…

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