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Some randoms because I needed a lovely distraction and what’s better that some Pcap randoms? (I don’t own any of the pictures or gifs)

Community Post: How Peter Capaldi Melted The Hearts Of "Doctor Who" Fans Everywhere

Okay so I'm watching saturday nights episode of Doctor Who and just... "Bring the new human." and then "No, don't bring the new human, I'll get distracted" Okay now there's a Grimm and something that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch... About 30 minutes later: NO!!!! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO ME.

Often goes for dark/black shirts and light grey suits. Since,apparently, Elaine gets most of his clothes, she obviously knows what suits him!

And now it's time to take a bow, like all your former selves Eleven's hour is over now, the clock is striking twelve's

This. My favorite scene from the premiere. We were all Clara. The Doctor has changed, he is different. He didn't want to change, but he had to. And instead of considering him and his struggles we're so stuck on the "I miss Matt, I want my Doctor; my young, dashing hero," that we forgot that this IS the Doctor. This is OUR Doctor. And our Doctor doesn't even know who he is! And he needs Clara. And he needs us. And all he wants is for us to recognize him and to know we know he hasn't gone…

There's a reason there's more than one Peter Capaldi in the Whoniverse! A big old reason.

Jenna Coleman marks 29th birthday on Doctor Who set with Peter Capaldi

The Doctor has arrived: Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi gave a wave as he prepared for a new day of filming