{WHAT THE FU K #Sherlocked promo pics}

"Of course he's NOT the boy's father! Look at the turnups on his jeans! The face!

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The Abominable Bride. This isn't really old or anything, but the special of Sherlock has amazing old inspired fashion *Is it well written?

Sherlock ~ Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberpatch, (very) affectionately called "Cumby" women all over the world.<<<okay but Cumberbatch

#Setlock 26th April 2016 ..

Sherlock "The Six Thatchers". Season so "⋄↠χ Love Yoυrѕelғ ѕo ɴo Oɴe Hαѕ To χ↞⋄" used to be my pin signature and i miss it sm i wanna use it again