Stunning Brazilian plus-size model Mayara Russi, an opulent U.S. size 22, in a remarkably pro-curvy promotion for the South American label Glamur Fashion.

"I don’t post things regarding size and health because I’m trying to promote obesity. I’m trying to promote thought and consideration. As cliche as it is, I’m trying to promote this idea that people aren’t always the way they appear. There is so much fat hatred in this culture and it is all a result of body hatred. When I post a picture of my body, flabby arms, and sagging tummy and you can see confidence in my eyes… why do you immediately say I’m promoting obesity? Because I exist? I ...

Plus-Size-Model Kate Dillon

From Flatt Magazine, a photograph of plus-size model Georgina Burke (Jag Models, size 14/16) which is surely one of the most sensual, pro-curvy images ever created.


Plus size fashion

7 ways to style a plaid blanket scarf for plus size -

This beautiful model, a burn survivor, did this photo shoot to (in her own words) "prove that scars do not change a person, they make that person who they become." What a gorgeous woman.

one other photo from the new vogue italia magazine. these plus size models are GORGEOUS! These are REAL women! & they look amazing. fun to see women of all shapes and sizes in high fashion...

Tess Munster,she proved size dont matter to be a beautiful model

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Size-22 Model Tess Holliday Talks Relationships and Her Career, Says Black Men Love Me | E! Online Mobile

selfconfident and looks really great Big beautiful curvy women, real sizes with curves, accept your body sizes, love yourself no guilt, plus size, Fashion, Fragyl Mari sees your fabulousness!

Fluvia Lacerda, plus-size model One of the best in the business

Love you body.

Gorgeous Curvy Plus Size Model Laura Wells isn't so plus size to me! Cute swimsuit too!

Size-22 Model Is First to Score a Major Modeling Contract