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Save money on mirrors by stacking three floor-length sizes.

white and blue

Open second floor. Awesome.

Painting Tip: Paint the upper half of the walls in a room filled of neutrals a vibrant color while the bottom half is white paneling. Add some pillows and decorative items that match the shade of the wall to add some pop of color to the room....despite this explanation, I still don't understand why the opposite is not done more frequently?! IE dark on bottom and light on top?


Clean Modern White Kitchen | #kitchen #design Get it with REHAU cabinet doors na.rehau.com/cabinetdoors

A net hammock inside - genius and love the design

I'm in love.... this is beautiful.

Beautiful. Love everything about this staircase


Pocket sized floor plans to carry with you when buying furniture, accessories ,etc. that have dimensions and paint swatches on them. Genius!

contemporary styling in a classic interior

This seriously is my perfect kitchen.

No more food bowls on the floor to move when cleaning!