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All of human evolution occurred to bring us to this single moment of sheer, awesome perfection. Just try to find something cooler. I dare you.

All men and boys deserve the right to sparkle and shine.

We live in a culture in which many women and girls can't or don't know how to say "no."

Rape culture is the problem, not women's and girls' clothing choices.

Silly woman, thinking she has "rights."

Such genius is one of the chief reasons the Internet exists.


We Are All One

Poor Will Have Nothing To Eat

Thank You For Controlling

Mom and Dad

Fashion of Today

Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't.

What do You Choose to Be

Folding fitted sheets is like trying to rhyme with "orange."


Hamster hatuhs gonna hate.

This. Is. So. Me. Do I live in a hamster ball? Um, no. Does my public performance of enthusiasm enliven other while draining me? Yes. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my introversion and my relationships with both books and peeps! :)

Funny how peeps in the majority perceive any threat to their normativity as oppression.