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Waiting for months to get dental treatment after having a heart attack or stroke may not be necessary.

Okinawans have eaten whole and fermented soy for generations and they enjoy the longest longevity of any people in the world. Five types of popular organic soy...

Our dental health is not improving... But you can make a change! Read about this study done with different ethnic groups and why things are changin'!

Don't postpone going to the dentist because you are pregnant. Read the latest studies on how pregnancy can effect your dental health!

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How to Identify Different Types of Skin Cancer (With Pictures)

from Verywell

Everything You Need to Know About Cardio-How Long, How Hard, How Much

So, you know you need cardio, but the real question is why you need cardio? Getting a deeper understanding of cardio exercise may be what you need to get motivated to do it a little more often. Learn more about the benefits of cardio, and how to get started, here.

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50 Best Women Golfers of All Time

Shouldering that golf bag around 18 holes, and swinging the big clubs to drive the ball long, adds up to a lot of upper-body work. And all that walking, and chasing balls lost in the rough, means plenty of work for your hips and spine. Golf gives "weight-bearing exercise" a whole new name #WomensHealthFirst #BuffaloGrove #OBGYN #health #fitness