it happens but it aint butterflies, sweety. its lik a zoo in my tummy haha

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Trying to concentrate is useless...

haha so true.


My friend said today: "You met Tigh at a concert with hundreds of people. Being as good looking as he is, he could have picked anyone. He could picked any girl in that entire arena and all the way in the stands he saw you and he picked you. He picked you above any other girl out there. You are his. So romantic."

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The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before. ~ John Gottman ~ Relationship quotes

EXACTLY how I feel about him!!! Even though someone tells me it may be best to just let him & the "relationship/situation" go. I can't...I'm IN LOVE WITH HIM!!

Yessir(: he gets on my damn nerves sometimes but I love him

And when that place haunts you and brings pain....but its worth all of the hardships that come with the relationship. That person is worth everything. No matter what you may go through.

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Baby I think about YOU ALL the time!!! Seriously!!! Just did 325 for you & thought of u the whole least every time I went down!!:-) picturing pink...and yes I know U didn't tell me and no that didn't slip by me...just figured I shouldn't push my luck!! Was just so happy to talk!!! It truly makes my day!!! I so love talking to you & I Sooooo Love YOU!!!!!! Dang I miss you!!!!:-*:-*:-****

Still get these feelings after almost 5 years of being together, can't wait to get married to you!

This is so sad and true...

"How to Develop Attraction to People Who Are Good for You" Psychology Today article

being someone;s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect

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