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Pen-Y-Gwryd Hotel. The training headquarters of the first successful Everest climbing expedition in 1953,

No, it’s not a wolf, and it’s not a cayote; it’s an American Indian dog. These working companion animals were almost lost to history after our American Indians were segregated onto reservations, and often left without the resources necessary to maintain the ancient breed. There is now growing interest in restoring the old lines of these beautiful canines.

JFK One of the best Presidents of USA IN his inaugural speech set a global goal to; "by the end of the decade we will put a man on the moon, and return him safely back to earth" WOW

Peggy2-Ana Serrano's OK BYE. blog has a cool segment called "Old Babes" about incredibly interesting old ladies-good read-cool pics.

John F. Kennedy is pictured with his wife Jackie and sister-in-law Ethel Kennedy in 1954

A stunning image by Nora de Angelli. The blood reds, the shadows, and the red eyes evoke The Beast in Human Form. The mystery and sensuality of Carnivale. Masked images from Carnivale don't get much better than this.