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Panthers, NFL monitoring protests in advance of Sunday game

The year after abortion was legalized in New York State, the maternal-mortality rate there dropped by 45 percent -- one reason why legalization can be seen as "a public-health triumph."

Click the image Black Panthers protesting against the Vietnam War, Washington D.C, 1969. Photo by Bruno Barbey I went and placed the story here not any one else.Joel York

There is no doubt Tibet is hanging like Democle’s Sword on China. Chinese leadership wrongly thinks that world conscience can be silenced and the presence of the Tibetan refugees and the Dalai Lama can be hidden by forcing every country in the world to ignore the Dalai Lama. by N.S.Venkataraman ( December 19, 2016, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) In recent times, China appears to be closely monitoring the movement of the Dalai Lama and has been protesting to every country which has received the…

The UK now tracks everything you do, despite protests. "Over 200,000 people signed a petition to stop the Snoopers' Charter, the Government didn't listen so we're taking them to court and we need your help. There's no opt-out and you don't need to be suspected of anything. It will just happen all the time, to every one of us. The Investigatory Powers Act lets Government keep records of and monitor your private emails, texts and phone calls--that's where you are, who you speak to..."

Sanctuary Campus Protest - AP File Photo by Nathan Lambrecht-The Monitor

BREAKING NEWS : Senate Suspends Buhari Policy Banning Vehicle Imports Through Land Borders The Senate on Wednesday January 11 2017resolved to ask the Customs to suspend action on its policy to ban importation of vehicles through land borders which was to take effect on January 1. Senates resolution followed a motion by Barau Jibrin (Kano North) and five others. Jibrin drew members attention to the federal governments policy to stop car importation through land borders from January 1. He…

Police Used Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to Monitor Black Lives Matter Protests