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  • Zoe Smith

    Interesting facts, must look into this blue eye thing...

  • Pam Freitas

    random facts... wasn't sure if this should be pinned to "helpful stuff" or "things that make me smile"

  • Ali Augsburger

    I love random facts! However, there is a misspelled word in this. I just think that's funny because at the bottom it says, "feel smarter?"

  • Chelsea Jones

    These aren't fun facts! According to the I'm gonna die 9 yrs earlier then right handed people & my blue eyes mean I'm mutated.....

  • Connie Morse

    I bet you whoever wrote this would feel smarter if laugh was spelled correctly... These are some really funny and strange facts, though!

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I don't know who that guy is, but if he came up with that idea, he's brilliant! (Tho, i'd amend it to, sleep most of the time, and watch movies in pj's on the couch the rest of the time)

  • Jessica Rendon

    Then you would miss five days at school and then everyone would know you were on your period

Oh noooooo. this would suck to clean up, but it's pretty dang funny!

She so sad... And so screwed!!!

  • Danielle White

    Aww poor baby :(

  • Chelsea Jervis

    I did this when I was about her age. My grandmas a hair dresser, she said the same thing, that she couldnt fix it. I wore a lot of hats for a while. Not sure how it was eventually fixed

  • Marcia Omar

    Sai Hersh how could you possibly fix that! Nope is right hahaha

  • Sai Hersh

    Marcia Omar you'd need to braid the two sides together. Lol!!!

  • Rachel Branger

    Yikes!!! There is nothing you can do.

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Technically shes correct // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

I can't stop laughing at this

Jennifer Lawrence keeping herself warm in winter… I was watching when this happened

Birds. Some people just can't handle it!

cool facts. WHAT?!?! (The polor bear one is wrong their coat is actually a bunch clear tube things that absorb light giving them a creamish color)

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Some cool facts you probably don’t know…

  • Heather Carey

    Maybe she is a psychopath. Maybe she actually killed both of them and just made it look like suicide.

  • Mia Mel Snow

    Its symbolic. It's kind of like the movie Seven Pounds. The fact that the guy commit suicide on the anniversary of the death is probably not coincidental.

  • Stephanie

    Usually the donor organ goes into recipient on the same day that the donor does

  • Stephanie

    Sorry, that posted fast. On the same day that the donor dies. So it's possible that the recipient associated that day with the trauma of the surgery, perhaps it didn't go well. Maybe the fact he married the wife meant he knew the donor in life.

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random awesome Facts about you…

Finally, a helpful guide! You don't understand how long I've wanted this. You really don't.

Thats awesome. I know what IM doing next time it snows.