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Phi Pendant Gold - A Powerful Tool for Finding Harmony and Beauty. The Phi pendant was designed by Joe Zastrow who won David's jewelry model designing contest for February-March 2007. Phi pendant contains one of the methods to sketch the Golden Mean of Phi (1. 618…. ). It also contains (on top) the Greek letter Phi, representing the divine proportion. Phi is a constant value which is even more mysterious and profound in its implications than Pi (3.

Golden Ratio in Art and Architecture, Layout of Frames to be pleasing to the eye.

geobunnies: “Fi”bunn”acci Sequence - Animated gif version ”

geobunnies:Fi”bunn”acci Sequence - Animated gif version

2.5 Fivefold and Spiral Symmetry Associated with Fibonacci Sequence #leaf #nature #math #fibonacci #fibonacciinnature

Fibonacci Sequence. Symbols connect us to mystery and to the very farthest horizons of conceivable meaning.

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What Ancient Greece gave us: Beauty (golden ratio) - Euclid’s ’Elements’ provides the first known written definition of what is now called the golden ratio: "A straight line is said to have been cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser". Through their explorations of geometry, the Greeks were the first to come up with a mathematical formula for aesthetic beauty. Artists have exploited it ever since.

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Fibonacci Art Project

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