• N. Washington

    Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara, after the makeover by Infanta Beatriz. Like Queen Elizabeth's Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara it can also be worn with no pendants at all.

  • Tracy Lester

    The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara

  • Yamini

    italian royal jewels - Google Search

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Tiara with sapphires and diamonds belonging to the Duchess Isabella of Genoa, mother of Queen Margherita of the House of Savoy. (Isabella was the niece of the Princess Augusta who married Eugen Beauharnais, mother of Queen Josefina of Sweden, who herself was the source of so many Scandinavian crown jewels.) Possibly a gift from the duchess to Margherita on marriage to Prince Umberto of Savoy. Disassembles into five brooches.

Tiara belonging to Queen Maria Amelia of Portugal. There was a matching necklace. The tiara is now the property of HRH The Duke of Braganza.

Thistle headdress, diamonds, gold on silver. This piece, presented at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1878, is remarkable for its lightness and desire to imitate nature, by MELLERIO dits MELLER.

Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, Duchess of Coburg (1853-1920)

another Russian Royal tiara

British - Londonderry tiara

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