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It doesn’t take long to figure out trees are important on a hot, summer day in Texas. Just go to a local shopping center parking lot and you will see many cars parked in the shade. You can see the same thing in rural areas with the cows in fields. Shade is key to comfort, but it is also key to our bank accounts. Head over to to learn more about how Shade is Key.

Let’s learn about the value your trees can have for you. Trees can be a great investment. Learn more at

Knowing what kind of tree you have is key for proper tree care. You can always ask someone else, but we will get you started on the road to do it yourself tree id. To learn more, head over to !!

Water is vital for the success of our trees. Too much or too little can be an issue. In this podcast find out how, when and how much to water your trees, and when you don’t need to bother. You’ll also learn how to test your sprinkler system in order to run it the appropriate length of time. For more information head over to !

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Top 10 trees for small spaces

Crape myrtle: signature plant for many hot summer regions. Can be trained as a tree or shrub

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Our Favorite Small Trees

Redbud Valued for its outstanding display of pink or white flowers in spring, redbud is an easy-to-grow small tree with delightful heart-shape leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall. It thrives in sun or partial shade and is native to areas of North America. Name: Cercis canadensis Size: To 30 feet tall and wide

As winter’s grip tightens across the nation, there are a few things we can do to help our trees. Check out this week’s episode of Trees Are Key to find out how to help your trees survive the cold. Species Spotlight: Citrus is one of winter’s sweet surprises. Have you tried to grow your own citrus tree, but it was too cold where you live? Check out this week’s tree of the week – ‘Arctic Frost’ satsuma, a Texas SuperStar®.

‘Right Tree, Right Place’ has been around for decades. What does it really mean? What tree should I plant in my yard? Find out in this Trees Are Key episode “Species Selection is Key.” Species Spotlight: American smoketree is a beautiful, small, native tree that isn’t used often, but it is well adapted to the tough conditions we find in our towns and cities. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more about this unique tree.

Shorter days, cooler temperatures and falling leaves seem to make people think about fertilizing their trees. Fertilizing may help your tree, but the tree may not need to be fertilized. Join us to learn more about the nutrients trees need, soil and leaf testing and different ways to apply fertilizer. This week’s species spotlight is Arizona ash (Fraxinus velutina) a commonly planted tree you may want to remove from your plant palate.

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Our Favorite Small Trees

Crabapple trees produce beautiful flowers and fruit to brighten your yard. More small trees for your yard: