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The Try Guys Watch K-pop For The First Time • K-pop: Part 1 This is literally the best thing that I have ever seen! I need to watch more try guys videos X3 #eugene is my bias

one day my wish will come true... i don't care what everyone else thinks

This is so sad :( No babe i'm here for you ...... i never left ....... i will always be hare ..... For you ♡ and exo ♡

Sometimes I wonder why I love these dorks. Then I realize watching them / listening to their music always brings a smile to my face and no matter how depressed I am they bring me happiness and laughter. BTS is my perfect dorks. Saranghae. <33 방탄소년단-BTS- '호르몬전쟁' dance performance (Real WAR ver.)

[HD] EXO _ Promise FMV (engsub) ahh...this song has me in my feels... even if it isnt OT12 anymore i will always support OT10!