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Building Capacity for the Effective Use of Technology: New Guidance on Student Support and Academic…

We are making rapid progress across the country in bringing broadband to our nation’s classrooms. Thanks to the many participants in the…

How Pineapple Charts Revolutionize Professional Development

As one-size-fits-all PD fades into obscurity, more personalized professional development models have emerged. The Pineapple Chart may be the greatest of them all.

How to Lead a Mind-Blowingly Useful Meeting

All the tips and tricks you need to lead a mind-blowingly useful meeting. |

Planning Effective Training: Part Three of the Start-Up Guide Series (Buzzing with Ms. B)

Flipped PD: A flipped PD is inspired by the the concept of flipped classroom and uses the same philosophy: provide learners with work to do at home , then discussions and feedback in face-to face meeting.A ccording to Bill and Candace, the creators of this visual, there are six main strategies to flip your professional developemt.