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Haha Rene said this to me about a month into our relationship, & now every time I see it I get a huge smile on my face

ill-mannered: FORBIDDEN FRUIT MACHINE The Forbidden Fruit Machine is an interactive installation made in collaboration with Niklas Roy. It is based on a painting called “The Fall of Man” created by Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem in 1592. The machine reinterprets the historical artwork in the form of a mechatronic video game, giving the spectator of the painting the chance to control the destiny of the forbidden apple with a joystick. Footage after the jump: Keep reading

Quote by graphic designer and art director Paul Rand in typeface Carter Sans created by Matthew Carter.

Stefan Sagmeister. Born 1962, Bregenz, Austria. Inspirational and intriguing designer Stefan Sagmeister is recognized for his unorthodox, provocative designs that tweak the status quo and question the designer’s role in society.

How to use Illustrator scripts to speed up your design process