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Shrink a Size in 14 Days - This revolutionary, science-backed workout is reader tested and can help you shed up to 12 pounds and 22 inches in just 2 weeks. We'll see.

from Women's Health

The Best Abs Workout: Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks

7 moves for 6 pack abs in 30 days...

from CalorieBee

Military Diet: Lose Up to Ten Pounds in Three Days

How to Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 3 Days On The 3-Day Diet! (Three Day, Military Diet)

from Fitness Magazine

Get Stronger Arms Fast

5 workouts to help lose flabby arms!


Walk Off 2 Sizes in 6 Weeks

Walk off 2 sizes in 6 weeks with this walking workout plan - no running required! This should be ok with my knee.

from BuzzFeed

16 Super-Helpful Charts That Teach You How To Actually Work Out

Finally learn how to use the leg press machine to target different muscles.

from Prevention

9 Worst Restaurant Meals Of 2015—And What To Order Instead

lose around 6 lbs / 10 inches off your waist in two weeks (the most successful participants lost 12 lbs / 22 inches)