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    Come Back My Love (Magic Spell) | A powerful love spell to bring back the person that you love. This magic spell invokes memories deep within your lovers mind. Memories of the good times, the happiness, the laughter, and the intimacy that you shared together.

    The magic of mediums and clairvoyants

    Now this looks interesting..for a source of magic spells

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    Don’t Leave Me (Magic Spell) | A powerful love spell to prevent your lover from leaving you.

    full moon names from Celtic lore

    Magic Spell

    Magick Wicca Witch Witchcraft: #Witch in the Woods.

    Do What I Say – Under My Spell (Magic Spell) | Magic Spells Of StonehengeThis magic spell is very strong and should be used carefully! This amazing magic spell wishes for someone to do your bidding by carrying your thoughts into their mind in such a gentle persuasive way that they act upon the ideas as if they were their own. Believers in this spell say that it works just as effectively from long distance.


    Simple wish spell

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    It will only work if the person you put under loves you

    You Are The Magic

    Magical Empowerment Book of Shadows spell pages by steelgoddess, $14.95

    Love No One But Me (Magic Spell) | A love spell that ensures that you are the only person that your partner loves. Are you worried that one day your love will leave you for another? Do you wish your love to be totally and completely devoted to you. To never desire anyone else? To always need the wonderful love that you and only you can give? To never lose the friendship, laughter, and caring that you share together?

    Candle magic



    Better Body – Health & Fitness (Magic Spell) | A powerful health spell that can change your life. This amazing magic spell wishes your mind to become averse to things like nicotine, or to foods that cause you to become overweight. When cast the spell will empower you with a never give up motivation to stop smoking and to select healthy choices of food.

    On the left side have to find love spell - It is not salt I turn to fire; but the heart of the man I seek; Let him have no peace of mind; Until he comes to me. Link takes a long time, no printables.