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    Black sea turtles (East Pacific green) were once considered beyond saving. After a decade of grassroots work by scientists and locals they are making a comeback along Mexico's Pacific coast. Read this success story and others in our online magazine Wild Hope: http://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?i=116956=18

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Leaf Scorpionfish

Zebra sharks actually lose their stripes! as juveniles, these sharks have dark bodies with yellowish stripes. As they mature, the pattern chances to small dark spots on a gray-tan background. because of this, Zebra Sharks are often mistaken as leopard sharks. These sharks are often found around near-shore reefs of the western Pacific Ocean (Japan to Australia), the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea

The Red-lined Bubble Snail: Also known as the lined bubble B.lineata is a species of bubble snail found in the sublittoral zones of the Indo-Pacific, ranging from Japan to New Zealand. Noted for its milky white mantle that sports iridescent blue edges this bubble snail is easily identified. It is often found in sand reef where it s a voracious predator of polychaete worms.

Mandarin fish

Paddle Boarder Who Wanted To See Orcas Gets An Up-Close Look : The Two-Way : NPR--Orcas in the wild--where they belong!

Feather starfish mother nature moments

A new exhibit in Australia gives visitors a 360-degree view of the underwater creatures in their backyard.

Honeycomb Moray Eels

Humpback Calf

Reef squid off Okinawa, Japan • by Cameron Knudsen on National Geographic

Whitemouth moray eel, Gymnothorax meleagris

Into the deep blue yonder...


Looking into the eyes of a seadragon


Unearthly and beautiful; octopus tentacles

Tiger Shark by photographer Samui13coconut13

coral zoanthids

Stingrays, The South Pacific**.

Scalyhead Sculpin - ©Lawrence Tulissi www.flickr.com/... (via ScubaDiving.com)


Antennarius striatus: Hairy Frogfish

Big Ceratosoma Trilobatum Nudibranch

School of Atlantic spadefish at Utila, Honduras by Simon Pierce Photography