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"Love must not entreat,' she added, 'or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract.” ― Hermann Hesse, Demian (photo by Anysia Kuzmina)

"It's my very own tree!" I declared. Often as I lay beneath its branches, I fancied it was whispering to me in a rasping tone; as it dropped leaves in my face, I imagined them to be caresses. Helene Glidden

Lecciones aprendidas.. conforme pasa el tiempo. 1- Say i love, donde o cuando sea, si lo sientes..dilo! 2-Comunícate mas abiertamente, sin miedos a tus sentimientos. 3- Escucha atentamente 4-Respeta uno al otro 5-Atención a pequeños detalles, vive el presente 6-Apoyar en tus sueños ( hacer sentir mejor y no creer en inseguridades) 7-Cuida tu cuerpo 8-Haz lo que amas 9-Sueña en grande. 10- Amor incondicional, Ama completamente, abre tu corazón entero y abraza cada momento.

(Open Rp?) I scrambled to the top of my bed panicking, the room was filling up with... Trees? A scream formed in my throat, what was the use there was no one to hear me. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, holding my breath. I heard a bird chirp, I opened my eyes slowly. "Where am I?"