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My mother always said the one thing she wished she had more of was patience when I was younger. I didn't listen. Now I wish I had patience with my boys when they were little.

Absolutely love it. Nothing I can't stand more than a hateful parent screaming from the bleachers.

Baseball sign for kids. Totally makes me tear up.wish more parents would remember this and truly enjoy the FUN of the sport! Not the pressure of winning. WILL remember/use this when my son plays sports one day.

I am not just raising little boys, I am raising future husbands, fathers, and God fearing men

I am not just raising little boys. I am raising future husbands, fathers, and God fearing men.MY GIRLS are being raised as future wives, mommies and God fearing women :)


Funny Family Ecard: Good parenting does not mean giving him a perfect life. It means teaching him how to lead a good and happy life in our imperfect world.


I love being a stay-at-home Grammy! This is so true. Your little kids especially want YOU! not things. We teach them to want things. So So true.

I need to remember this more often. I have 2 amazing stepkids!

inspirational parenting quote "Don't let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one.

I Love My Son Quotes | ... his hugs, I admire his heart but most all... I love that he is my son

I love my son with all my heart! So sad he is leaving. he asked if he could stay another week. :( The anxiety of him leaving again is breaking my heart. then back to his other momma who misses her terribly too.

....and Spiritually Speaking: She Never Did Care for Pie.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan~ so true!