• Rachel Fredericks

    Great reminder to start my day. #parenting #mothering #children #quotes

  • Mandy Boivin

    wee hands. Prayer of a Mother with small children.

  • Tinamarie Pantusa

    Thought of our elder parents too when I read this. Sweet: From another pinner "My mother in law has this poem framed by all the newborn pictures of the kids. Seeing newborns with the reminder of patience really drives it home for me. These rowdy boys were once sweet little wriggly babies, and why should i yell at them? i should love on them just like when they were babes. always." Good to remember! Love the frame of pics addition, too!

  • Crystal McFarland

    prayer for parenting - I need to remember this!

  • Kayla Feagin

    Mother's Prayer. I need this in my house somewhere

  • Patty Bessmer

    Will be printing this as a daily reminder of these few precious years we have with them as children

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ronan thompson

Oh I hope so!

Note to self.

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