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Asia inspired tribal, or tribal inspired Asian design.

I want to finish part of my arm with something like this... or maybe my thigh. Agh! Too many ideas. (:

black and red. line work

#ink (is that a moth?) via xveganvancex

If I can ever go any amount of time without being pregnant or nursing, I am getting a tree tattoo! Not this exact one, but one I have had picked out for years!

paisley flowers and foilage

Pinned says: if only everyone in the world didnt also have a feather tattoo...and I totally agreeeee!

tattoos for women a beautiful pic of an american indian woman | Purchase a print of this Sugar Skull signed by the artist! Click Here!

Floral tattoo; I like the delicate lines, but I know they would need touching up every few years or soo...

I don't want something this big, but man, that's beautiful.