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  • Angie Miller

    Going to the Cloud: An infographic that looks at how schools and colleges are adopting 'the cloud' and how Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Google are responding with their respective cloud suites for educators. Topics discussed in the infographic: - Usage of cloud computing in the classroom; - The benefits of being cloud-based; - Cloud adoption rates and major adopters; - Popular cloud applications, suites for educators and other tools; - Pitfalls of using cloud-based services.

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    Cloud Infographic: Going To The Cloud Over the past few years, we’ve covered the importance of cloud computing in the classroom and its defining nature as something to adopt and accept moving forward. Some of our coverage has been flippant while other discussions have been more serious in nature. Nevertheless we can all agree that cloud based education will be universal and the accepted method of teachings by many in the next little while. Massive cloud based classrooms will exist, and it will be just a matter of time before older generations start sharing stories of the good old days when classrooms were built with chalkboards and desks. In the meantime, cloud based educational services will be a hot topic for many years to come…

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