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<3 LOVELY <3 DIY Printable Chalkboard Floral Wedding by KristianRatnamDesign, $35.00

A wedding invite with song requests, so that you won’t have to give your DJ a list of songs that you hope your guests won’t hate. Plus, everyone can get their own little tune in there, from the kids to the grandparents.

Lace invitation...

This is a great way to have an awesome playlist that you know your group wants to hear! We'd have so many random funny songs put on it though!

You are my melody. We are a harmony. Aren't these song-inspired wedding rings so thoughtful?

Much sweeter than "Attending" and "Not Attending."

Menu & Favor Ideas from Julie Song Ink...which do you love most? All of them.

OMG great idea!! Every woman knows that when the dancing starts the heels come off. a basket of flip flops is a great idea for your lady guests to dance the night away!

bleubird wedding

Each table had a song name- when the song was played, the table got up for dinner. creative!

Ridiculously cute Giving Tree invitations.

DIY WEDDING INVITATIONS!!!!!!! : wedding black diy invitations red white Photo 16

Unexpected First Dance Songs

RSVP that covers just about everything, cute

wedding chalk invitation

Father Daughter Songs.


How about this for a #wedding invitation?


love these invites