Bloco de Carnaval (bloco) - unofficial street parties that pop up throughout the streets during the week long celebration of Carnival.

Rio Carnival

Carnival in Spain | Fiestas de Carnaval

Carnaval de Venise

Bloco da Lama - Carnival in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Bloco da Lama - Carnival in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro


Covered in mud, people participate in a Carnival mud party in Paraty, Brazil.

Carnival In Rio De Janeiro 2012

Rio de Janeiro

The Hotel Santa Teresa is Rio de Janeiro’s newest Design Concept Hotel, considered one of the most beautiful hotels in South America.

Costume Section for Harts:total recal - 50 Trinidad Carnival Costumes 2010

Barranquilla Carnival If you want to party like there’s no tomorrow and get to know the fantastic culture of the Colombian Caribbean Coast, Barranquilla (Colombia) is definitely THE place. Especially starting this coming weekend, because the “Carnaval de Barranquilla” (Barranquilla Carnival) is about to begin! Marimonda costume. #Barranquilla_Carnival #Barranquilla #Carnaval #Colombia #Marimonda #costum...

Giant dolls - Carnival in Olinda

Beach vendor at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. So I had heard all about the good beach food at Copacabana, but I never expected how delicious it would be! This man was one of the few selling shrimp. Three skewers for 15 reals and I was in taste bud heaven. Lime juice and salt are added to the top and everything you see is fair game to eat. Having this gorgeous view of the beach and Sugarloaf in the background makes the experience even better.

Carnival Port of Spain


Notting Hill Carnival...Get London travel tips

Carnival In Rio De Janeiro 2012

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