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Kepin's room! Wouldn't it be fun to work with this clean slate? - #roomandboard, #yolocolorhouse and #annies.

Herb as medicine was just becoming popular back in the 60's - 70's But they were not called witches they were Grand-mother and Grand-daughters who kept the family traditions and stayed away from man made junk that is now killing Americans by the bus load every day. Sodium Fluoride is one to name just a few toxins our government still allows into our water supplies.

Now this is ZEN! | Who wouldn't want to *just breathe* in this treatment space? | living walls | 10 amazing massage room ideas on Pinterest

Don't Hate... Meditate.. Creating your own Meditation space (From Moon to Moon)

Oh my gosh Marylou.... there must be a gypsy family in our family tree. I'm drawn to gypsy design. No wonder I've moved 40 times in 56 years. THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!!!! hahahahahahaha

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