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The Lumineers. LOVE them!

The Lumineers- Ho Hey. love the song. Every now and again a song comes along and you just gotta listen to it until you don't have the desire to listen to it every time it comes on a radio station.

The Lumineers

Let There Be Light

Wesley Schultz, The Lumineers

 The Lumineers I still remember the day my friend sent me a link for the Lumineers. I was blown away by genuine heartfelt music clearl.

♪ I've been trying to do it right  I've been living a lonely life  I've been sleeping here instead  I've been sleeping in my bed,  So show me family  All the blood that I would bleed  I don't know where I belong  I don't know where I went wrong ♫

Album Review: The Lumineers