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Help your dog loving friends understand the true horror of the puppy mill industry. Get the facts at

make the connection; dairy & eggs don't just magically appear! a living sentient being is confined, tortured, abused & murdered for you to consume that crap...poison to your body...

Can't teach "connections" but if they are able to cite evidence from the text that made them make the connection...Then I could use this.

A soul mate connection is the most inexplicable connection you will ever feel in your entire lifetime. The most fascinating thing about soul mates is that they connect like magnets and they have instant and immediate electrifying feelings of a deep connection to each other’s existence. You will meet your soul mate all of a …

flip charts to remind students of the strategies they have learned so far this year. They are color coded to match the CAFE board in the classroom to make it easier to make the connections.

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Ditch the Worksheets = F.U.N.

Hi Friends…. I hope this post finds you all well.  A few weeks ago I stayed after school {in my very quiet classroom….ahhh} and I started thinking about how I could add some more P…