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Scan this greeting card with the Layar app to watch and hear (!!) the Layar Team wishing you Happy Holidays!

#Asiavega is a wedding service company based in Taiwan. They augmented greeting card for newlyweds using @Layar. Scan the card with your Layar App to see the image come to life.

Christmas is coming, and the best time to enhance your holiday cards with AR is now! Get inspired by scanning this nicely done greeting card with the free Layar App. (Xmas card created by Layar certified partner White Paper Communications, Singapore). Ready for some Augmented Reality DIY?

Scan this interactive Christmas card with the Layar app and see what happens..

Agency @drumbeaters augmented a poster for @radissonblu using @Layar. Scan the poster with the Free Layar App to win a trip to Paris!

Shoppable Greeting Card made with LAYAR Free app for iOS and Android devices. Download it here and try:

[Swedish content] Linköping University from Sweden recently augmented a greeting card using @Layar. After scanning the card with the Layar App, several images of the students on the card will come to life to answer frequently asked questions for prospective students!

La Belle Couture is a bridal boutique in Singapore. They added #augmentedreality to their latest brochure using @Layar. By scanning the brochure with the Free Layar App, you will see video links about customer reviews and a series of new wedding collection.

The American Astronomical Society goes @Layar. Scan this poster with the free Layar App for extra digital content!

[Only available in the US] Kansas Health Foundation augmented their posters with @Layar! The foundation aims to improve the health of all Kansas. Scan with the Layar App to watch an introductory video about the foundation!

Have an awesome holiday season! Scan the card with your Layar App and enjoy the interactive message we have "handcrafted" for you!

@Layar and @blippar1 join forces. From left to right: @Layar co-founder Maarten LensFitzgerald, @blippar1 co-founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra, @Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels, @Layar CTO Dirk Groten.

And here's the photographic evidence of @Layar and @blippar1 joining forces..!

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