Learn how to make this honeycomb pattern dishcloth from the Being Spiffy blog - uses Kitchen Cotton in Kiwi

May 4 The Hive Knit Dishcloth Pattern

FREE, pretty, quick-to-knit dishcloth pattern from Being Spiffy

May 4 Cherry Pie Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Free pattern

"Cute little knitted doll. They call the doll Jack Frost and he comes with a pattern for a hot-air balloon. But he looks like a gnome to me." A cute little knitted toy pattern, different from the usual bears, etc.

baby blanket. So easy but it looks beautiful and is soft and squishy. CO 144. Row 1: K1, YO, K3, K2tog, K2tog, K3, YO, K1, repeat. Row 2: Purl. Row 3: Knit.

Free knitting pattern baby blanket from Project Linus that provides security blankets to children. So easy but it looks beautiful and is soft and squishy. CO Row YO, YO, repeat.

Wishy Washy Fish Tawashi & Bernat Eyelet & Ridge Dishcloth pattern

Completed Projects Dishcloth & Fishy Tawashi love things like this ideal to give as gifts with some hand made soap inside then wrapped with ribbon

Tiles I Free pattern on Craft Cookie at http://www.craftcookie.com/knitting-stitches/knit-purl-stitches/117-tiles-i

So many interesting patterns can be created by just using knit and purl. Sure beats boring stocking stitch. Especially when you have a knitting machine with a garter carriage!