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How to create passive income on Etsy (+ free CHECKLIST!)

Paper + Oats – How to create passive income on Etsy (+ free download!)

Generating Passive Blog Income by Writing & Publishing One eBook Per Month

Why I published one eBook per month as a way to generative passive income from my blog from And Next Comes L

How to Make Passive Income as a Handmade Artist

Great tips on how to expand your income as an etsy seller or handmade artist. Business Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

30 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

30 Mistakes small business people make. A post on what entrepreneurs do that dooms their business.

Want Passive Income? Publish A Book On Kindle

Of all of the passive income avenues out there, this is one of my favorites. And it is easy and inexpensive to publish a book on Kindle.


Great tips on how to start a blog that makes real income -

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FREE Workshop: The best ways create passive income as a blogger or freelancer

YOU’LL LEARN . . . The number one way to create passive income for your business. How to SIMPLY set up the tech stuff so your products are truly passive. How to keep making sales after the launch. Why eBooks and eCourses are the best way to create passive income streams for your blog. And a ton more!