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Mammatus, also known as mammatocumulus (meaning "mammary cloud"), is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud. The name mammatus is derived from the Latin mamma (meaning "udder" or "breast").

Storm Cell in Nebraska…

WOW~~ Alien landscape: This Low Precipitation Supercell develops with tops climbing to ft; the rotation was so great that it formed a beautiful swirling barber pole formation which rapidly transformed into a lovely mesocyclonic (rotating) cloud Read more:

Is it possible for the Solar Flare increase activity influence our emotions?

Photo taken on *Jan 22, 2012* from *Norway. High aurora activity due to strong geomagnetic storm.

Wyoming State Quilt Guild, 2012 opportunity quilt- 2 of my favorite patterns -storm at sea & mariner's compass