• Kevin Kirk

    So true, life lesson to remember

  • Victoria Hamm

    So true in every friendship and relationship! It will always be my marriage advice too!

  • Paige Robertson

    I think I need this as a daily reminder to pick my battles

  • Denise Sisk

    wise words for marriage and parenthood

  • Tina Walker

    So true, I need to remember this all the time.

  • Tina Phillips

    I love/hate this quote. But so true.

  • Cahterine Cervantes

    True wisdom!!!! Best advice I was ever given was this quote. A customer @ the restaurant I managed told me when I was preggars at 44 w/Lilly 'you will learn to chose your battles very carefully from now on'. Such words of wisdom!

  • Chantelle Goosen

    Good advice, always try to remember this. Especially with 4 year olds, and your parents..

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