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Find out how to make small succulent gardens that look amazing and take only a few minutes! Easy, affordable, delightful to look at and hardly any maintenance needed.

'String of Pearls' by goinghometoroost: Senecio rowleyanus, a favorite succulent is called string of pearls because of its attractive cascading strings of spherical leaves. It does well indoors and is low maintenance. #Succulent #String_of_Pearls #goinghometoroost

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Modern Metal Hairpin Plant Stand

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We attach Tillandsia xerographica air plants to sustainably harvested spruce roots for unique living sculptures. http://shop.pistilsnursery.com/products/tillandsia-wood-mount

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House Plant: String of Pearls. (I have this plant - super easy to maintain)



10 Indoor Plants You Can't Kill

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Don't have much space to grow your favorite plants? Try building a vertical garden like this one, designed by Susie Frazier. Using salvaged wood, threaded rods and bolts, and a handful of mason jars, you can construct a simple hanging planter to add a lot of green to your game. See original article for instructions.

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I love all 3 of these. They have a great modern look, I could easily sell them, and if they stick around for a little bit they won't die.

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